Dark and Darker Mobile's first global beta test is coming very soon

You won't have to wait long to delve into dungeons of fear and hunger- wait, wrong game

Dark and Darker Mobile's first global beta test is coming very soon
  • Dark and Darker Mobile, the upcoming extraction RPG from Bluehole Studio, will hold a global beta test
  • Set to be held in August it will include players from the United States, Japan and Türkiye, among others
  • Dark and Darker pits you as a fantasy warrior attempting to escape a dungeon with your loot and your life

Dark and Darker, the upcoming extraction RPG for mobile is set to hold its first open global beta test this August. Players from the United States, Japan and Türkiye, amongst others, will get a chance to delve into the dark dungeons and attempt to make it back alive, with loot intact.

With a global launch aimed at this year, this test will likely go a long way to helping finalise many changes and improvements before the game hits full release.

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Dark and Darker, as we said, is an extraction RPG. Think Tarkov, but rather than an AK-47 you're wielding a longsword or spells. You play as either a solo adventurer, or in a party, delving into dungeons to acquire loot, kill enemies, occasionally other players, and teleport out with both yourself and your ill-gotten gains intact.

With many classes to choose from, like the Warrior, Wizard, Cleric and more, Dark and Darker Mobile is spinning off from its mainline PC predecessor to offer the same experience in the palm of your hand.

Dungeons of fear, hunger and sweating

Despite a host of legal issues for the PC version, Dark and Darker on both desktop and mobile has garnered an overwhelmingly positive reception. It seems the slower pace of melee combat, combined with the use of classic roleplaying game classes, spells and other innovative aspects has really clicked with players.

Keep an eye out for the new global beta test, coming in August 2024! And if you want to get some top tips we've accrued from the team's experience with the PC version, check out our guide to Dark and Darker right here.

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