Konami has big multiplayer ambitions for DanceDanceRevolution

And it has Exit Games to thank

Konami has big multiplayer ambitions for DanceDanceRevolution

The thing about DanceDanceRevolution is that, as much fun as it is in single player mode, it's really a game ripe for multiplayer thrills. Sadly, multiplayer gaming isn't really a strong point for mobile games, but that's something that Konami is clearly keen to address with its upcoming mobile version of DDR.

And it's all thanks to Exit Games's Neutron engine, which apparently allows for all sorts of newfangled real-time multiplayer fun on mobiles. Konami has licensed the engine so that the mobile DDR will allow you to dance off against friends in real-time directly from your mobile as well as upload your score for friends to see on the online leaderboards.

Konami is currently busy bandying about buzz terms such as "social gaming" and "community features" but, refreshingly, it looks like this time there may be some weight behind the claims. If Konami makes good use of Exit Games's assets, it could help position DDR as a vanguard online mobile game (in the West anyway).

It also bodes well for Exit Games to have such a thoroughbred publisher cuddling up to it, and if it all works out, maybe the Neutron engine could help bring about a quiet multiplayer revolution in mobile gaming. It's certainly long overdue, so fingers crossed.