Cut the Rope 2 'secret level' update removes IAP reliance

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Cut the Rope 2 'secret level' update removes IAP reliance
| Cut the Rope 2

ZeptoLab started 2014 off on the right foot by updating its Silver Award-winning Cut the Rope 2.

The update didn't introduce any new content or mechanics, which seems strange, but it did make one small - but significant - change: secret levels can now be unlocked with both medals and clover leafs.

Prior to the update, players would need to spend hard currency on balloons which could then be used to obtain clover leafs.

Some fans were annoyed that secret levels could only be unlocked through in-app purchases, and voiced their frustration with ZeptoLab.

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In the brief update description for 1.0.1, ZeptoLab responded to these fans and assured them that "We hear you loud and clear!" when it announced the change in how secret levels are unlocked.

In our review, we found Cut the Rope 2 to be "a more vibrant... dynamic game than the original", but we noted that that its reliance on IAPs to unlock secret levels seemed a bit unfair.

Thankfully, the new update fixes that issue directly so you won't be forced into buying balloons to see all of what Cut the Rope 2 has to offer.

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