[Update] The incredible run and gun action game Cuphead's iOS launch is a fake

Ooo, they're getting good

[Update] The incredible run and gun action game Cuphead's iOS launch is a fake
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Updated December 18th, 1:28 PM: I know, I can hear the sounds of breaking hearts all across the internet at the moment, but it turns out the VERY convincing listing of Cuphead is a fake.

Usually this sort of stuff doesn't slip through many of our nets, but the person flogging this package even made up a faux-page and everything, fooling even the sharpest-eyed folks on the web.

However, as confirmed by the actual Studio MDHR in an email, this is 100% not a legitimate version of the game so don't go wasting your money. Though I've left the original link in for you to have a nosey, seriously don't go and buy it.

Original story:

I don't know how or when this was even conceived, but Cuphead's just dropped on iOS and it feels like a Christmas miracle.

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Just in time for the App Store shutdown, Studio MDHR has brought their multi-award-winning action game to iPhone and iPad. Cuphead is a classic single-player, run-and-gun game all about beating big, bad bosses.

If you couldn't tell already, it takes a heavy influence from 1930s cartoons and both its visuals and audio have been created with the same technique from the era.

Already heavily popular on console and PC, it'll be interesting to see how it holds up on tablet/phone interface, and it'll be especially interesting to see how the studio has handled its touch screen controls. I can only hope that its port to mobile has been as lovingly done as the game itself so that mobile gamers can enjoy the same fantastic experience on the go.

[DO NOT] Grab Cuphead for £4.99/$4.99 on the App Store right now.