Cultist Simulator will introduce the Exile DLC for iOS and Android in November

Players will also be able to buy all four DLCs in the Forbidden bundle

Cultist Simulator will introduce the Exile DLC for iOS and Android in November

Playdigious has announced that another piece of DLC will be arriving in the iOS and Android versions of Cultist Simulator on November 3rd. It's called the Exile DLC and it promises to be almost as big as Cultist Simulator itself was at launch.

Set in Europe, 1925 the Exile sees players on the run having betrayed the reckoner lord. It eschews the usual path to ascension and instead sees players travelling across Europe and beyond. They'll have to call in old markers, loot haunted buildings and make deals with strange Names.

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It will introduce a total of ten new endings to the game including Cunning, Patience, Agony and Obscurity among others. Beyond that, there will be three new cities for players to explore with a host of interesting places to visit and characters to meet in each.

The Exile DLC will be available for $4.99 when it releases on November 3rd. The Exile Legacy will then be an option in the game if you've previously been claimed in payment of a debt or by selecting it directly from the menu screen.

However, if you've never purchased any of the DLCs from Cultist Simulator previously you might be interested in the Forbidden Bundle. This will also be arriving in the game on November 3rd and will contain all four DLCs – Dancer, Priest, Ghoul and Exile – for $6.99. This adds four Legacies, six Ascensions, ten endings and multiple new mechanics to Cultist Simulator.

Cultist Simulator is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that costs $6.99 with additional in-app purchases available for the various pieces of DLC.

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