Cube Koala looks like Super Meat Boy if it were a rotary platformer

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Cube Koala looks like Super Meat Boy if it were a rotary platformer
| Cube Koala

Cube Koala is a slight change in tone for Happymagenta.

Its recent slew of games have been casual, brightly coloured titles like Foodie Yama, Hammy Go Round, and Cargo King.

Now here's a game that's thrusting giant buzzsaws at us upon first sight. There are also dark backgrounds filled with electronic guts and spikes shining sharp in the foreground.

And at the centre of all this is a cute koala the shape of a cube. It's like Happymagenta made a cute game for this character and then swapped it for the dangerous worlds of Super Meat Boy.

The idea in Cube Koala is to help its titular character to escape a deadly gauntlet inside a tesseract. You do this by using on-screen buttons to rotate the direction of gravity.

The koala will then slide and bounce around the walls and floors. The trick is in doing this while avoiding all of those vicious instruments across the game's 75 levels.

It looks like it'll be pretty challenging, and Happymagenta has told us that, yeah, it's supposed to be.

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At the moment, the studio is looking for beta testers, so if you want to try Cube Koala out right now then listen up.

You can sign up for the beta by contacting Happymagenta on its Facebook page, or by emailing them at [email protected]

Got that? Good. The plan is to launch Cube Koala on iOS at the end of March / early April.