First screenshots of Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football

Forget Rooney – the zombies are after Manchester United's winger now!

First screenshots of Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football

We have to admit, Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football is one of our most eagerly-awaited mobile games this year. Why? Purely because of the sheer bonkers blend of traditional footy games with Resident Evil-style spookiness.

The gist: take one Portugese prancing show-pony, and make him face a host of drooling undead monsters, which should at least present a stiffer challenge than Bolton's back four last weekend.

Last time we reported on the game, we only had a few character illustrations to go on. However, developer Ydreams has now released the first shots of the game itself. The screens indicate that there'll be a variety of pitches to play on, power-ups scattered liberally around the place, and the odd demon taking up a midfield anchorman role.

The game is apparently in its 'final stages of development', and to whet the appetite further, Ydreams has released a video trailer on the official website (although admittedly, that's all that's on the official website at the moment).

Stand by for a review as soon as we get our hands (gloved, naturally) on the game. And click 'Track It!' to ensure our review doesn't scamper past leaving you for dust.