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RPG and Strategy mechanics collide in Creature Quest, available to download today

Collect all creatures great and small

RPG and Strategy mechanics collide in Creature Quest, available to download today

Those looking to enjoy a unique blend of collectible RPG and strategy can now sink their teeth into Creature Quest, the latest mobile game from the mind behind the highly successful and critically lauded Heroes of Might and Magic series, Jon Van Caneghem.

Now available globally on both iOS and Android devices, Creature Quest tasks you to explore and battle your way through numerous, ever-changing quests. Collect and tame over 500 beautifully designed creatures able to aid you on your journey, each with unique abilities that you can call upon in intense PVE battles.

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You’ll begin your journey with a squad of five fantastical creatures before building up your collection into a team unique to you. You can even choose how you upgrade and evolve each one, whether that’s via PVP battles against friends, infinitely explorable quest maps, or unique daily events. All hold the potential for you to unlock abilities such as the mighty sword swing and other magic spells.

Each turn-based RPG battle aims to be fast in pace, fun, and strategic, all while remaining enjoyable for genre veterans and newcomers alike. Grow your collection, build your dungeons, invite your friends to battle, and of course, earn great rewards in both PVP and PVE modes. Creature Quest makes a point of ensuring that there is plenty to see and do.

Now’s your chance to unleash the collectible, role-playing fanatic inside you. Creature Quest is available to download free today from Google Play, the App Store and Amazon Appstore.