Guide - The best Creature Quest tips and tricks for every player

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Guide - The best Creature Quest tips and tricks for every player

Creature Quest is celebrating its one-year anniversary, marking a full 12 months of wonderful fantasy adventures full of mythical collectable critters. To celebrate, we’ve drafted a handy guide chock full of tips sure to help out both newcomers and seasoned pros. Keep this advice in mind the next time you log-in to the game.

Save your creatures

Duplicate creatures are a natural fact of life in Creature Quest, but don’t toss them away! They may seem useless now, but extra creatures can be used to awaken elusive 4-Dot creatures you may come across in your adventures.

Complete your daily missions

Make your daily missions a part of your everyday routine. These missions are an easy way to get loot. Plus, if you’re new to the game, they will help you hone your skills.

Don’t be afraid to be bold in Dungeon Challenges

Don’t be afraid to try your hand at Dungeon Challenges. Even if you fail to defeat another player, you won’t lose any Prestige. Just remember that the more full Dungeons you activate in Dungeon Challenge, the tougher each Dungeon will become.

Start collecting resources as soon as possible

Hang on to resources you uncover. They might not look super valuable, but they’ll pay off big time later on as you look to fulfill high level Kingdom requirements. Be on the lookout for Mercury and Sulfur in particular.

Plan out your team order

Give yourself a tactical advantage by carefully plotting out your team order. Be sure to set your team’s order to maximize its damage output, and remember that the attack order goes from left to right in Auto Combat.

Hold out for Loot Bonus Buffs

Hold off on collecting loot until you complete the map. You never know when you might find a Loot Bonus Buff along the way.

Tailor your approach to the Tower

There are a few ways to handle the Tower, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. If its prizes you're after, skipping around to different floors will help you get your rewards more quickly. However, if you want a top spot on the leaderboard, it’s best to play through every floor.