5 Reasons why VC Mobile’s monster-catching RPG Creature Quest is worth checking out

And there might be plenty more reasons coming real soon...

5 Reasons why VC Mobile’s monster-catching RPG Creature Quest is worth checking out

For as long as turn-based RPGs have existed, it’d be fair to say that there’s never been a shortage of fantastical beasts for you to seek out, capture, train up, and eventually send into battle along your journey (or in this case, a quest). Released in January of this year, players worldwide continue to enjoy Creature Quest’s unique blend of tactical strategy and refined RPG mechanics.

If you’re someone who likes their creature collectathon experience a little less mainstream, with rich systems well-suited to both casual and more lengthy play sessions, Creature Quest might just scratch that itch. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 simple reasons why it’s well worth checking out.

Surprising depth and strategy

An eclectic cast of over 500 creatures allows players free reign over creating their ideal squad, but beyond simple team composition there are quests to explore, a battler tower to conquer, and even dungeon challenges that sees players go head-to-head in PVP mode.

Battles themselves play out in calculated turn-based fashion, but an additional layer of strategy comes with executing the perfect moves using extra combo dots and multipliers to give you the upper hand during the heat of battle. Later areas of your expedition will also call for acute creature upgrading, so you’ll want to hunt down specific items and awakenings in order to enjoy the most advantageous benefits.

Adventure Quest Maps

Consistently keeping things fresh and thrilling are Creature Quest’s periodically rotating set of adventure maps, each boasting their own set of unique quests which makes besting a few beasts all the more tempting. At present there are over 20 in rotation, with additional seasonal quests dropping in for good measure to help provide your adventure with a holiday twist whenever the occasion demands.

Traversing any of Creature Quest’s adventure maps will always be worth doing for those hoping to appease their loot addiction, with many treasure drops and distinct items never being too far way. You’ll encounter more than a few side quests and encounters along the way, giving you all the more reason to build up your ultimate creature team of fighters.

Unique PvP with Building your own dungeon

If you take pleasure from butting heads with friends online during your monster-hunting outings, Creature Quest continues to have you covered with its unique approach to PvP play, made possible thanks to the ability to build your own dungeon. Providing you’re willing to defend it, rewards and points garnered from your tactical skirmishes will come thick and fast for you and your guild.

Speaking of Creature Quest’s dungeon challenges, it might just be worth getting acquainted with them sooner rather than later. Developer VC Mobile has made no secret that multiple tiers are set to be added, letting players battle their way to the next tier each week for even better rewards.

Gorgeous art and Sound design

Despite boasting 500+ individual creature designs, each monster touts their own type (from Common all the way up to the Legendary class), size (to fit in your dungeon), and abilities that are all brought to life thanks to Creature Quest’s whimsically colourful visuals and lovingly hand-drawn art style.

Backing up the visuals is the games original musical score to accompany you on your adventures. Composed by Rob King and Paul Romero, both of whom boast a wealth experience in the games industry working on the likes of EverQuest: Gates of Discord and Heroes of Might and Magic, music is just as much a part of your team as any creature you collect.

From the creator of Heroes of Might & Magic

Your quest to create the ultimate creature team is always in safe hands, with the mind behind the game being no less than Jon Van Caneghem, the original creator of old school fantasy classic Heroes of Might & Magic. Overseeing Creature Quest’s development from the off to expertly fine tune the experience, Caneghem’s involvement helped to ensure that Creature Quest would be the very best RPG-meets-strategy fantasy experience on mobile.