Sega finally catches a cab, releases Crazy Taxi for Android

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Sega finally catches a cab, releases Crazy Taxi for Android
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Do you remember what you were doing on October 12 of last year?

If you answered "Dutifully reading Pocketgamer, and jumping around in my chair when I read that Crazy Taxi is coming to Android devices in the not-too-distant future!" then we've got some good news for you.

Droidgamers reports that Sega has finally brought the port of the Dreamcast classic onto Google Play a mere nine months after it landed on the App Store.

Deranged limo

For those unfamiliar with the classic title, the goal of Crazy Taxi is to drive a cab around a hilly city while picking up customers along the way.

Of course, since you're behind the wheel of a Crazy Taxi, it's your job to take the hills of the city with as much speed as you can muster and launch your lemon-coloured car skyward whenever possible.

Much like the iOS version, the Android version of Crazy Taxi will deliver everything that fans of the original love and remember - including the punk rock, late '90s soundtrack featuring The Offspring and Bad Religion.

Those looking to party like it's 2000 all over again should free up 227MB on their Android device of choice and be ready to part with $4.99 / £4.02. 

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