iOS and Android updates this week - C.A.T.S., Combat Squad, Miss Fisher and the Deadthly Maze, and more

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iOS and Android updates this week - C.A.T.S., Combat Squad, Miss Fisher and the Deadthly Maze, and more

It's that time where we check out what updates have been floating about from the past week or so.

Granted, there's not been a whole lot of action this week and I'm not sure why, but we've still managed to rustle up a few updates here and there.

Let's take a look, shall we?


C.A.T.S. - iOS/Android

Keeping it su-purr simple, this latest update adds news weapons for your machines, gang battles, gang boxes, and gang ratings, so there's a lot of co-op to be done.

Dungeon Inc. - iOS/Android

This joyful, corporate clicker's 1.3 update brings about new Office Traps for you to defend your turf from enemy companies. If you're looking to move on them, however, you've now got mighty Spells to cast.

There're also Auditors in-game that'll knock down your dungeon if you're not careful, and a brand new Daily Store for you to spend your raid keys in.

Talisman - iOS/Android

The all-new Dragon Expansion is here, adding a deadly Inner Region for heroes to conquer. You've got over 300 new cards that represent the Draconic Lords and their dragons, six new characters, and an update UI to keep everything organised. Result.

Swim Out - iOS/Android

Version 1.1.0 brings us a bit of a helping hand as you'll now automatically restart from the last pool you were in if things go a little wrong.

There's also a new level: V-15, V-12 has a new secondary objective, a tutorial enhancement, and the general bug fixes and improvements we've come to expect.

Infinity Blade - iOS

This iOS classic just got new bonus content, including Deathless Kings and Arena expansion packs, and 64-bit support as well as a bit of a tune up to today's screen sizes. It now supports iPhone 7, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4, and iPod Touch 6.

Strike Team Hydra - iOS/Android

No, it's not deja-vu, the folks at Waves Light Games have been busy bees as the latest update kind-of builds on last week's. Aside from the usual bug fixes, UI improvements, and balances, you can now see holographic images of units obscured by walls which is pretty neat.

Minor changes are that the Tutorial moved to a new game prompt and that users can set a favourite ability to the quick ability button.

Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze - iOS

The game may be free right now, but that's not all. Episode two of the murder mystery visual novel is finally available and it's twice the length of the first.

Soccer Stars - iOS/Android

For those micro-football nutters, Soccer Stars has just launched Team Ranks, a new spin with up to ten-times more prizes, and the Championship mode has Trickshot Tiers.

Swamp Attack - iOS/Android

If you're not quite done shooting swamp monsters just yet, the latest update gives you a new power-up system, letting you use a power-up to increase your shotgun reloading speed and potentially save your butt from hungry 'gators.

Angry Birds Blast - iOS/Android

"More bugs blasted, animations optimized and balloons inflated. Update today and get blasting!" With so little said about it, I figured it's better to let Rovio speak for themselves.

Pocket Academy - iOS/Android

It's nice and simple from Kairosoft this week as Pocket Academy is now available in Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Thai.

Words With Friends Classic - iOS/Android

Version 8.61 offers up a dictionary with audio pronunciations, a Words Coach to practice, improved Smartmatch to find a worthy opponent, stats to track your progress, and a modern/refreshed experience.

Combat Squad - iOS/Android

This one's got a fair roster of tweaks so I'll keep it short and sweet. There's been a new Country Rankings feature added, new Domestic Rankings view feature added, changes to the 'watch a video' reward, no more blocking of Agent from team-mates, a new Mistral Weapons Event Crate added in the Black Market, and more.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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