Is this the most crappy iPhone game ever?

iFun4all claims attempt on worst game status

Is this the most crappy iPhone game ever?
| Crap of Defense

I'm beginning to look forward to getting press releases from Polish developer iFun4all.

Last week, Sexy Maid Service brightened up my inbox, and this week it's the turn of Crap of Defense. (To be honest, I'm not sure I'll ever play the games in question, but sometimes a funny press release is all you need.)

According to Fülöp Mészáros, the second best (and worst) Hungarian games designer, "Our idea was to make a tower defence game and reverse the concept."

He continues. "In normal tower defence games you place the towers and they shoot automatically. In our game, you have your tower already placed and you shoot it yourself. It has to be fun!"

Limited by a production budget rumoured to 500 Russian Roubles, production has been described as being "cost effective". For example, the unique, old-fashioned paper art style is the result of the company's failure in its long-term search for a proper artist.

"Work on this game was extremely hard. We don't have computers in our village so I had to paint everything on paper and hence the style" says Zhào Wáng, a young freelance artist from China, who ended up working on the game.

Even the music was a struggle.

"The last music our composer Boris Czernienko heard before he went deaf 20 years ago was the Soviet National Anthem" says Laszlo Kovács, the cheapest lead programmer and project manager available in the whole of Hungary.

"We tried to tell him it would be better if he composed something different to Russian military marches, but he wouldn't listen. Technically that's because he can't hear of course."

Unfortunately, Czernienko also couldn't be sacked as he paid iFun4all to include his music, enabling it to complete the game.

The result is Crap of Defense, which will be released on the App Store next week. Always assuming Kovács remembers to go down to the internet cafe over the weekend and submit the game to Apple.

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