Zeboyd Games confirms that its next retro RPG Cosmic Star Heroine will be released on Vita

Alyssa Saves the World

Zeboyd Games confirms that its next retro RPG Cosmic Star Heroine will be released on Vita

Zeboyd Games has a penchant for creating retro RPGs featuring pixel-art characters.

Take Cthulhu Saves the World, for example.

So, it's no great surprise to discover that its next project is a retro RPG featuring pixel-art characters.

Entitled Cosmic Star Heroine, this Unity-powered 2D Vita game is set in the distant future and stars one Alyssa L'Salle (pictured below).

Alyssa's a secret agent who's double-crossed by the government after uncovering a dark conspiracy.

Speaking to Polygon, Zeboyd co-owner Robert Boyd explained a bit more about Alyssa: "I have four daughters and none of our other RPGs star a female lead so I thought it was about time for us to change that."

"I also wanted to create a character who was not a child or teenager, like in 95 percent of all RPGs; a person who had some level of skill at the beginning of the game."

Bo selected

Alyssa will need to use all the tools at her disposal if she wants to survive. Those include a bo that turns into a gun and a shield, and a satchel that - thanks to a dimensional vortex - is bigger on the inside than the outside.

On the Zeboyd website, the developer reveals that combat in Cosmic Star Heroine will be turn based, enemies will patrol areas, and there'll be some sharp humour throughout.

Zeboyd will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Cosmic Star Heroine at some point later in the year.

Zebody has also stated that it intends to be more open about the development process this time around, so it'll be worth checking the Zeboyd website for regular updates.

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