Danganronpa's Monokuma invades Conception II today via free DLC

European DLC dated as well, Puhuhu!

Danganronpa's Monokuma invades Conception II today via free DLC
| Conception II

Fans of the Silver Award-winning Conception II in North America have a new foe to watch out for: Monokuma, the twisted, two-tone teddy bear from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

Available via free DLC on the PlayStation Network or the Nintendo eShop, Monokuma Strikes allows players to square off against the nefarious plushie - with a reward of 20,000 Glow, a pile of XP, and a Monokuma Badge gift item hanging in the balance.

Monokuma's lurking at the bottom of the Blue Garden side labyrinth, incidentally, and while all his attacks have Danganronpa-themed names there is, sadly, no voice acting for the battle.

The consolation prize, however, is that Conception II has another free DLC battle planned - Monokuma's Revenge - due out on May 13 in North America.

European DLC schedule

Conception II isn't due out in Europe until Wednsday, May 14 on the PS Vita and Thursday, May 15 for the 3DS, but the good folk over at Atlus have already published the DLC schedule for what RPG fans on that side of the pond can expect.

On release day, you'll be able to purchase the Alternate Costume Set DLC (£1.49) along with the Cool Professional pack that helps you unlock the Mercenary job for £1.49.

You'll also be able to nab the Disciple Weapon Pack for free during the first month of Conception II's release.

Other job-related DLC for Diva, Dark Knight, Witch, Gun Saint, Ninja, and Trickster follow from May 21 to June 4 at the cost of £1.49 each.

Europeans looking to tangle with Monokuma will need to wait until June 4 for Monokuma Strikes (free) while Monokuma's Revenge (also free) lands on June 11.

In our review of Conception II, we praised it for its "top-notch" visuals and music, and called it "a dungeon-crawler that hits a just-right balance of silly and enjoyable if you don't take it too seriously".

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