Reminder: Enter our gaming festival survey for a chance to win £100 vouchers

Help make next year’s big mobile games event a success – and maybe win £100 of vouchers

Reminder: Enter our gaming festival survey for a chance to win £100 vouchers

It's a busy time of year, that's for sure, but we're just taking a moment out to remind you that we're working with Clarion to find out your thoughts on a Mobile Gaming Festival, based at the NEC (National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham) this coming year.

The team there are planning on making a massive, immersive, fun, competitive and - perhaps most importantly - LIVE event that revolves almost entirely around mobile games. We certainly think that it's about time that mobile had its moment to shine at a big event like those that PC and Console games regularly receive. At the proposed event, visitors will play games, watch mobile esports, meet influencers and even get the chance to meet members of the industry and play the latest games. There's even word that you might get to play games ahead of their launch.

Share your thoughts

What we both want to know is, which of these things are most important to you in a mobile gaming festival; or, indeed, what else you think you should be able to see at a gaming event based at the very heart of mobile gaming. You can let us know by filling out this survey, and, guess what?

If you do tell us about yourself and help shape the future of this momentous, mobile-gaming milestone event then you can also be entered in for a chance to win £100 in vouchers. There are more details on that through the survey link, but don't delay because it closes up very soon.

So, take a moment if you will, and let us know what would make a mobile gaming festival in 2022 stand out - whether it's meeting your gaming heroes or playing the latest games - and let’s see what happens!