Company of Heroes is heading to iPad this Fall

Feral Interactive is on porting duty

Company of Heroes is heading to iPad this Fall

Company of Heroes is coming to iPad in the Fall or Autumn if you're not American. It's the latest of Feral Interactive's growing roster of ports. They've previously created excellent iPad versions of Rome: Total War, Grid Autosport and Tropico.

Though you can never truly say for certain, if anyone is going to handle a port of a real-time strategy game, Feral Interactive would be my first choice. Company of Heroes was originally created by Relic Entertainment and was released on PC in 2006. It was a very highly rated game back then so if you missed out at the time, this Autumn might be a great time to jump in.

For those who've never played it, Company of Heroes is a military RTS that starts at the D-Day invasion of Normandy. You will take command of American soldiers through some of the major operations in World War II such as Operation Cobra and the Battle of Carentan.

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The gameplay of Company of Heroes is fast-paced and centred around gaining territory by capturing control points. These control points will also act as supply lines so that you can build more troops, tanks and other vehicles. You can upgrade all of your soldiers and vehicles as you build up your army.

The combat between soldiers is mostly based on line of sight, cover and height of the terrain. This means that unlike a lot of RTS games which are based on unit composition, Company of Heroes tries to put more focus on tactical positioning.

Company of Heroes will be released on the iPad this Fall. However, based on the other titles that Feral Interactive has ported before you can probably expect it to come to both iPhone and Android eventually. It will be a premium game with no in-app purchases though no price has been revealed yet.

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