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Colonel Mustard’s in the clink so you’ve got a new bunch of suspects on your hands…

Cluedo SFX
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Even if you’ve never played Cluedo, you’ll be familiar with its cast of characters and the odd phrases that players will occasionally spout. Professor Plum et al. even had their own prime-time television show for a while, bringing Hasbro’s popular board game to the masses. Cluedo SFX, however, is a departure from the old faces, introducing a new gaggle of shady socialites and mysterious madams.

Released by iFone, SFX follows the same whodunit principle but lifts the intrigue off the board and into the grounds of a fully explorable country house. Mr Meadow-Brook is the unfortunate victim this time around and you play as one of eight new characters who must deduce who killed him, with what weapon and in what location. Instead of taking turns on a board, players are given full roam of the 2D, sideways-on estate and must question the other characters that they come across.

There are multiple game modes including single player and multiplayer ‘pass and play’ versions that use a single handset. There’s also a quick-play version for those occasions when you don’t have time to question everyone involved. If you do decide to embark on a fully-blown investigation you’ll be pleased to discover that you can save existing games for a later date. “Cluedo… is one of the most popular board games of all time and has withstood the test of time, proving popular with all age groups”, observes Morgan O’Rahilly, the CEO of iFone, the company releasing the game. “We believe that it will be as popular in this [mobile] format.” Originally created in 1946 by a retired English solicitor’s clerk, more than 4 million sets of the Cluedo board game are sold worldwide every year.