First screens of Clear Vision Update 1.1 for iOS surface


First screens of Clear Vision Update 1.1 for iOS surface
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Stick figure sniper game Clear Vision has been making quite a name for itself on the App Store in both its free (12+) and paid (17+) permutations.

In our review of the game, we noted that its ending was a bit abrupt and hoped that this sudden stop was indicative of upcoming content and not a result of, say, the development budget running out.

Happily, we can confirm that there is new content on the way for Clear Vision, which is receiving its first update in early June.

Sticky, stick figure vengeance

Fans of the self-styled "number one sniper game on the App Store" are in for more of the same lowbrow bloodshed and violence that helped make Clear Vision so popular.

In the new update, the story of Tyler – a workaday Joe turned professional assassin – is continued through new levels, amounts of gore, and tongue-in-cheek cutscenes (as below).

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