New Claymation auto-roller Clay Jam charms its way onto iOS and Android

Squishy delight

New Claymation auto-roller Clay Jam charms its way onto iOS and Android
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It's not often that a Zynga game produces a response like, "Daaaw! Cute!" Not amongst us manly, macho writer types, anyway.

Nonetheless, Clay Jam has managed such a thing, and with good reason. The game is set in a world made of clay, and the whole place has been filmed using stop-motion animation.

That includes the backdrops and the brilliant monsters who populate it. Evil baddies have never looked quite so adorable.

The gameplay mixes gentle autorunning with a dash of Katamari, as you guide a little rolling pebble down a slope. Smaller clay monsters can be squished to make your pebble bigger, but larger obstacles must be avoided until you're fat enough to take them on.

Clay also acts as the game's currency, with more monsters, boosts and levels available to purchase once you've earned enough dough (or bought it using in-app purchases).

We'll have to see if the gameplay has the legs to keep players involved, but there's no doubting that Clay Jam is a gorgeous thing to behold. Not only has developer Fat Pebble done a sterling job, but the team probably had loads of fun making it too, the lucky things.

Clay Jam is out now on iOS and Android for absolutely nothing.

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Jeremy Thackray
Jeremy Thackray
After spending three years being told how brilliant literature is, Jeremy occasionally gets confused between games and worthy old novels. He is eagerly anticipating Nintendo's collaboration with Tolstoy on Super War and Peace Land.