Civilization Revolution performance criticised on iPhone 3G, fine on 3GS

Fragmentation rearing its head?

Civilization Revolution performance criticised on iPhone 3G, fine on 3GS

Sid Meier, along with so many other celebrated game designers, is enjoying another bout of popularity thanks to the iPhone and portable platforms.

This latest return to fame comes in the form of Civilization Revolution on the iPhone - an adaptation of last year's console and DS game designed by Meier himself.

Despite its close relation to the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, Civilization Revolution on iPhone has apparently been rebuilt entirely from the ground up. A new touchscreen interface allows you to zoom in and out, move your units and scroll around the map while taking control of one of 16 different civilisations from throughout history.

Although this is one of the most requested iPhone games of the year, early reactions appear to be mixed on the TouchArcade forums. The graphical style seems to have divided gamers, though at least it appears to be detailed and clear, which is an important factor of any turn-based battlefield game.

Less easily forgiven, perhaps, are the reports of poor performance on the iPhone 3G. What's a little unusual about this is that Civilization Revolution - being a turn-based strategy game - seems unlikely to be the kind of software that would put a particularly hefty strain on the Apple hardware.

Earlier today we heard about an iPhone developer concentrating solely on the iPhone hardware update, the 3GS, so it's not impossible that 2K Games is aiming its first iPhone release at owners of the more powerful handset.

This is unlikely to placate the majority of users out there, but at least there's a Lite version immediately available so you can test out Civilization Revolution for yourself before taking the £2.99 pocket bashing.

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