Chrono Trigger DS gets UK release date

First PAL release for the 1995 SNES Square classic

Chrono Trigger DS gets UK release date
| Chrono Trigger

No more speculating on whens and ifs. Square Enix has confirmed that its DS adaptation of Chrono Trigger will be released in Europe, and says it will be with us in early 2009.

The game was originally released in 1995 on the SNES but never reached PAL territories. Now it will, though, courtesy of this DS re-make.

The Square RPG - regarded as revolutionary back in ye olde days when it first came out - puts you in the shoes of time traveller Chrono and has you making decisions that affect past, present and future.

It features an epic storyline with multiple endings and unique Active Time Battle fighting system, as well as a musical score created by Yasunori Mitsuda - who also created music for games Shadow Hearts and Xenogears.

On DS the game also features the new inclusions of a brand new dungeon, new dual screen presentation, touchscreen controls (of course) and a DS Wireless Play mode.

The game is due out in Japan this winter, so there's only going to be a short wait following until we get our hands on it here in the UK. Is it our imagination, or are Square games getting Euro releases pretty speedily these days?

New screenshots have also been released (above) and you can click 'Track It!' for more news on the game as it emerges.