Chefy-chef, the multi-platform 2D adventure game, launches for iOS early July

Chefy-chef, the multi-platform 2D adventure game, launches for iOS early July
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Indie game developer Bug Studio announced today that it would be porting its multi-platform 2D platformer Chefy-Chef within the first week of July. Players can expect an adventurous romp through 60 levels that harken back to the old Gameboy era, so it's sure to strike a nostalgic chord with any longtime gamer.

In Chefy-Chef, you take on the role of, get this, a chef. As said chef, you’ll navigate those 60 levels full of hazards and enemies to avoid as you try to collect ingredients to cook more dishes. The gameplay really does remind me of some older classic 2D platformers, but also has a dash of modernism in there, specifically paying some respects to the indie darling Celeste. Not only in the way you navigate the levels but the general art style and music as well.

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Also in the same vein as Celeste, there are also hidden burger collectibles in each level that are hard to find and even harder to actually get to. These burgers will unlock new outfits for the titular Chefy-Chef, so you’ll be able to put your own bit of personal flair on the protagonist as well. Don’t expect a super deep story here though, as Chefy-Chef is all about that simple reflex-based gameplay that old-school platformers ask of you.

To really tie it all together, I’d say you can think of this release as a sort of Mega Man meets Celeste hybrid, as it collects a lot of elements from those sorts of games and mashes it into a title that both respects the games of yore but also wants to put a modern spin on it, evening out into what looks like a really pleasing and perhaps even difficult platformer.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, you can pre-order Chefy-Chef right now on the App Store ahead of its scheduled July 6th release for only $2.99.

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