[UPDATE] Chaos Rings II for iPhone out tomorrow, costs £12.99/$17.99

Is The Price Right?

[UPDATE] Chaos Rings II for iPhone out tomorrow, costs £12.99/$17.99
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UPDATE: Since this story was published, it has come to our attention that the iPhone version of Chaos Rings II will actually retail for £12.99 / $17.99 when it hits the UK and US App Stores later tonight. Original article follows:

Final Fantasy Tactics developer Square Enix's long-awaited sequel to Chaos Rings has battled its way onto the New Zealand App Store, meaning it will be available in the UK and US from midnight this evening.

In Chaos Rings II, the third instalment in the Chaos Rings saga (despite what its name might otherwise suggest), a ruddy great tyrant called the Destroyer has "forced the world to the brink of destruction".

Cue tale about slaughtering sacrifical lambs (who are actually people), moral dilemmas, exhilarating adventures, and humpback whales. Okay, okay, I made that last bit up. The rest is true, though.

What's also very, very true is Chaos Rings II's rather high price tag. In return for £12.99 precisely, you receive one copy of Chaos Rings II. I repeat: one copy. Nope, no massage.

Cash reserves

On the upside, you get to experience a role-playing game whose storyline is shaped by your personal choices; which contains a new strategic battle system; and which boasts enhanced graphics that advantage of a new rendering engine.

So, are you tempted now? Let us know in the comments section below.

If you still have reservations about forking out that much pocket money on a pocket gaming title, though, note that two free additional missions are promised in future updates in April and May. That might sway you.

Chaos Rings II for iPhone and iPad will be available worldwide from midnight this evening.

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