Fix time and slaughter innocents in Chaos Rings II for Android

Turn-based regret

Fix time and slaughter innocents in Chaos Rings II for Android
| Chaos Rings II

Android adventurers can get their epic JRPG fix this evening, for Square Enix and Media.Vision's Chaos Rings II has just wandered onto Google Play.

The third title in the acclaimed Chaos Rings series (if you count Chaos Rings Omega) zeroes in on Darwin, an angsty mercenary with a backstory as layered as his hairdo.

In this episode, it seems that time has come to a standstill. You know, like some kind of interminable Friday afternoon. To get the little hand moving again, then, Darwin must kill five select individuals as human sacrifices.

Unfortunately, one of the unlucky five happens to be an old friend of Darwin's, which makes the business of executing her a tad awkward.

As far as gameplay is concerned, Chaos Rings II is classic JRPG fare. Expect turn-based battles, random encounters, and visually extravagant special moves.

Though this may sound like a pretty standard Square Enix RPG, we ruddy loved Chaos Rings II, with our reviewer labelling it "every bit as exciting and intriguing" as its predecessors.

Provided you can afford the painful £10.99 / $15.99 price tag (this is a Squeenix game, after all), you can download Chaos Rings II from Google Play right now.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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