Pocket Gamer's board game retrospective - Chainsaw Warrior

Hack and dash

Pocket Gamer's board game retrospective - Chainsaw Warrior
| Chainsaw Warrior

Today we're going to look at another board game adaptation that's designed to be played on your own. It's based on a classic Games Workshop game from the 80's, and it involves slaughtering mutants with a chainsaw.

I mean, you could probably guess some of that from the game's name - Chainsaw Warrior. But if you're expecting a powertool-swinging walk in the park you're going to be out of luck, because this is a super challenging experience.

There's more than a smattering of the gamebook here. You roll dice to build your character, roll more dice to get in fights, and pull cards out of a deck to see what horrible thing is going to happen to you next.

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Imagine a roguelike, but with cards and dice, and you're some of the way there. Trust me, this is the sort of game where you're going to get slaughtered. A lot.

But that's part of the charm, in a way. And it makes getting to the end of the game feel like a real achievement. It's no mean feat to save future past New York, and when you manage it you'll feel pretty special.

Just be ready to put a lot of work into getting there. This isn't a game to play on the bus, it's a game to play sat on your sofa surrounded by cushions to scream into when things go wrong.