Settlers of Catan make themselves at home on N-Gage

Race against the competition to colonise an island paradise and secure its riches for yourself!

Settlers of Catan make themselves at home on N-Gage
| Catan (N-Gage)

Inspired by the award-winning board game of the same name, Settlers of Catan has been released on the Nokia N-Gage. Combining elements of settlement building and resource management, the game encourages players to compete with rival communities to create roads, cities and develop unclaimed land. Retaining the board-game look and feel of the original, your fortunes depend on how efficiently you use the resources given you and where you build your settlements. Play wisely and you’ll be able to force your competitors out and colonise the land completely!

With a 16-mission single-player Quest mode pitting you against computer players and a multiplayer game with up to three friends via Bluetooth or the N-Gage Arena, it’s a unique challenge with little to rival it on the N-Gage. Obviously the graphics aren’t as impressive as those seen in other games, but then again there aren’t any other titles that offer this pure a dose of strategy. While this brains-first approach won’t be to everyone’s taste, it does fill a particular niche. Until Civilisation arrives (no release date has yet been set) it’ll have the whole strategy/settlement building genre to itself.