Castaway Paradise is Animal Crossing meets Harvest Moon for smartphones

Going live worldwide on iOS and Android in 2014

Castaway Paradise is Animal Crossing meets Harvest Moon for smartphones

Animal Crossing is great, sure. But there's one major problem with it: it's not available on non-Nintendo platforms.

Wouldn't it be great to have Animal Crossing on your Android tablet or iPad, eh?

Or how about a very similar game on your Android tablet or iPad? Good. That's because Stolen Couch is just about to soft-launch Castaway Paradise.

Almost paradise

Dutch developer Stolen Couch Games describes Castaway Paradise as a mixture of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. It's a bright and cheerful game, then, full of anthropomorphic animals living on an island.

You create a character and join the village to befriend the quirky villagers, decorate the island, and collect items.

You're also able to farm, fish, catch bugs, gaze at the stars, earn money, collect plant trees, and do a whole bunch of other things.

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It all sounds great, but Stolen Couch has received a number of complaints about one particular element of Castaway Paradise.

Initially, you see, it was going to be a freemium game. Lots of people disliked this idea, though, and made their feelings very clear. So, Stolen Couch has listened to the masses and is toying with a premium model instead. Nothing is set in stone yet, mind.

As mentioned earlier, Stolen Couch will soft-launch Castaway Paradise next week. In terms of a 'full' release, well, iOS, Android, and PC gamers will have to wait until 2014 for the pleasure.

Would YOU prefer Castaway Paradise to be a freemium or a premium game? Let us know in the comments section below.