Apple finally pulls Canabalt clone Free Running from App Store

Previously approved title booted after developer complaint

Apple finally pulls Canabalt clone Free Running from App Store

Free Running, a direct copy of Semi Secret Software's one-button iOS hit Canabalt, has been removed from the App day after going live.

After bizarrely being approved by Apple, the clone was taken down today, with the original developer's Twitter feed happily reporting the news.

"We resolved that whole "free runner" thing (again), Apple pulled it right quick this time!" the Texas-based team said.

Canabalt's code was made open source in late 2010, though only the engine was available for other developers to use, with all other elements copyrighted and trademarked by Semi Secret.

Opportunistic Thai developer PLD simply renamed the game and attempted to charge 59p / 99c / €0.79 for it. Free Running's App Store page even carried testimonials for the original game to encourage further downloads.

This follows the recent removal of Monino Save Story, a Mario clone which used sprites from Nintendo's games and even featured an image of the plumber from the Paper Mario games as its App Store icon.

Though both Free Running and Monino Save Story are no longer available for purchase, such incidents highlight the flaws in Apple's approval system.

Here's hoping the format-holder can clamp down on those who abuse copyright as much as those who game the ratings system and produce highly questionable content.

Chris Schilling
Chris Schilling
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