Burrito Bison lets you fire a wrestler at fleeing gummy bears

It's as good as it sounds

Burrito Bison lets you fire a wrestler at fleeing gummy bears
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Juicy Beast's luchador-launching Flash game Burrito Bison is due to come rocketing onto the App Store on October 4th.

It's a surreal setup, to be sure: a wrestler wearing a buffalo mask is out for his weekly shop when he gets sucked into a bag of gummy bears.

Trapped inside this squishy realm, he is forced to propel himself out of a wrestling ring and fly, roll, bounce, and boost as far as he can.

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Take-off is controlled by a spinning needle, so you must time your tap just right to ensure the ring's elastic ropes give you maximum propulsion.

Once airborne, you'll want to hit as many fleeing gummies as possible, partially because their bouncy bodies will keep you skipping through the air, but mostly because it's really satisfying.


It's easy to see how the one-tap controls will translate to a touchscreen device, and the fact that League of Evil dev Ravenous Games is assisting with the port fills us with delicious gelatine-based delight.

If this small taste of Burrito Bison has you hungry for more, you can chow down on the whole enchilada on October 4th.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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