Social iOS freemium title Bug Village hits the New Zealand App Store

A bug's life

Social iOS freemium title Bug Village hits the New Zealand App Store
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Developer Glu's latest iPhone and iPad freemium offering Bug Village has landed in the New Zealand App Store.

Touted by Glu as "the first fully 3D casual city building game on iPhone", Bug Village tasks you with building, nurturing, and expanding a colony of ants and bees.

Your job is to construct homes and other buildings in the hope of attracting playful bugs, which you can use to forage for resources.

You can feed your bugs cookies and cupcakes to keep them energised and healthy, decorate your village with flowers, and shoo away unwanted bugs such as Ant Lions.

Game Center is present and will presumably support both leaderboards and achievements.

Bug Village is free to play, but offers the ability to purchase additional cash and acorns – the game's premium currency - for real-world money. You can also earn acorns through special offers.

You can pick it up for free on the UK App Store from around midnight.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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