Glu’s fully 3D freemium title Bug Village lands on Android

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Glu’s fully 3D freemium title Bug Village lands on Android
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Glu has just released its latest iOS freemium title Bug Village onto the Android Market - the first of its kind (it claims) to use entirely 3D graphics.

The premise should sound awfully familiar, though - set up a thriving community of bugs and bees by growing food and waiting around for hours for your little minions to construct things.

Yes, it’s another Farmville-esque social game. Albeit one that stars your common garden bugs (rather than computer bugs, which wouldn’t be so good).

Still, if you like these sorts of things, there’s no harm in giving it a whirl seeing as its free and all (download).

If you’re struggling as to what to do next, or just need a bit of help in avoiding spending copious amounts of cash on fictional goods, then do check out our handy walkthrough before you whip out the wallet.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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