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Bring Me Sandwiches!!

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| Bring Me Sandwiches!!
Bring Me Sandwiches!!
| Bring Me Sandwiches!!

The consistent stream of quality games from Adult Swim is one of the App Store’s most welcome surprises. The channel has regularly teamed up with smaller developers to produce quality examples of popular genres, laced with a winning sense of humour.

Bring Me Sandwiches!! continues this trend. It tells the story of clueless fast food employee Jimmy Nugget, who is charged by the President with fulfilling the culinary desires of a huge, hungry alien who has descended upon Earth demanding to be fed.

Use your loaf

Each level begins with a specific request and a slice of bread provided by one of the enormous extraterrestrial’s minions. It’s your job to pile up as many items as you can to reach 100 per cent or more before returning for the other slice that completes the sandwich.

If you need to provide additional snacks, you’ll be given another slice, whereupon you’re able to collect bigger items. At first you’re picking up small fruits, burgers, burritos. By the end it’s fridges, cars, and small buildings.

You’ll often be given additional requests, like three sandwiches containing a total of eight footballs, or a handful of green and red chillies when your slobbering overlord fancies something spicier.

Butter side down

There are, of course, obstacles to make things difficult – touch a cactus and you’ll drop some of your towering load, while charging gridiron players will also scatter several layers, forcing you to retrieve them.

Platformers on iOS haven't always fared well in terms of controls, but the three options provided here all work well.

You can slide your finger on the left side of the screen to move left and right and tap the right side to jump, or tilt to guide Jimmy’s lateral movement instead. Finally, there are the traditional on-screen buttons.

Ready, steady, dough

Whichever control option you choose, they’re all well-calibrated. Occasionally, the platforming can get a little finicky, though it never requires pixel-perfect leaps and the acclimatisation period is relatively brief. Besides, sometimes you can pick up a jetpack for double-jumps that make life easier.

Each new level is unlocked merely by completing the one before, but you’ll need to reach a certain target of golden slices of bread to unlock the sixth on each chapter, which opens up bonus levels and the like.

These are earned by reaching a certain points tally, finishing within a given time limit, and finally for reaching the end without too many spillages.

Just toasty

The game moves on regardless of how many slices you’ve earned, so you don’t need to worry about repeating levels to progress. It’s a nice touch that allows casual players to get to the end while still dangling a carrot for more committed players.

There are also spaceship parts to collect on each stage, though many are well-hidden and will require repeat visits to obtain. Meanwhile, a food journal shows you how many different foodstuffs you’ve collected, with silhouettes to give you a clue as to what’s missing.

All this is brought to life with typical Adult Swim polish, characterful visuals, and humour (just check out the puns on some of the level titles), making this another easy recommendation for one of the most prolific publishers on the App Store.

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Bring Me Sandwiches!!

A well-crafted platformer with a neat central hook, Bring Me Sandwiches!! is another Adult Swim cracker
Rob Hearn
Rob Hearn
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