Cute block-breaker Brickies is out now on Android [Update]

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Cute block-breaker Brickies is out now on Android [Update]
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Updated on June 11th, at 14:55: Brickies is available for you to download now on Google Play. Just do it! Original story follows...

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Free to play brick-breaker Brickies is coming to Android on June 11th, developer Noodlecake Studios has announced.

Brickies is a classic block-breaking game with a twist: if you miss the ball, you don't fail. The ball is simply deactivated, and must be reactivated by the player (that's you).

Brickies also features stackable powerups with names like ball splitters, explosive balls, and saw balls (ouch).

In his review of the iPad version, Harry deemed it a fun, if unoriginal, block-breaker. There are likely many iOS gamers who agree, after Brickies achieved 1.4 million downloads in its first two weeks on the App Store.

Oscar Dayus
Oscar Dayus
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