Bravely Default demo is now live on North American eShop

Make with the downloading

Bravely Default demo is now live on North American eShop

The exclusive demo for the Silver Award-winning Bravely Default is now live (and free!) on the North American eShop.

We first heard about the demo back at the last Nintendo Direct of 2013, when Nintendo told its JRPG faithful that it would feature a standalone story not included in the main game.

What's more, the demo will allow players to collect up to 20 StreetPasses and plenty of 'item packs' that they can carry over to the full version of Bravely Default when it launches on February 7.

Still waitin' on that Flying Fairy

All told, the demo is 1867 blocks (or roughly 234MB) so you might need to tidy up your SD card if you've got a lot on there already.

Also, you'll need to create a Nintendo Network ID in order to download it - or any other free content from the eShop, for that matter.

In our review of Bravely Default, we called it "gorgeous and stylish" and noted that it's "very much a title worth celebrating" for its innovative presentation of traditional Japanese roleplaying elements.

Bravely Default hits North America in a little over a month, so that should give fans plenty of time to experience everything that this demo has to offer.

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