Boom Beach Support guide: Radar

Boom Beach Support guide: Radar
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It's not the most exciting bit of kit for your Home Base, but the Radar is an essential part of your Support, providing a surprising amount of valuable resources, as well as new opportunities for battle, and even the occasional free Diamond.

By building and upgrading the Radar you can explore more of the archipelago.

But just because you fork out to improve the Radar, it doesn't mean that the clouds covering the island will automatically be lifted. You'll still need to cough up Coins to continue expanding your reach.

The benefit of doing this is obvious: you can find more warzones to fight in, and take on opponents at higher levels. But it's also useful for the acquisition of free Diamonds because, anecdotally, it seems that the more you've expanded, the more you'll be rewarded Diamonds.

Let us know if you also find this to be the case.