Boogie hits the DS dancefloor

And it comes with 3D glasses (although they're not featured in this video)

Boogie hits the DS dancefloor
| Boogie

Been waiting for a kiddie-friendly, singing 'n' dancing game that lets you gyrate around as a big disco starfish to add to your collection?

Then EA's confirmation that Boogie (a game just released on the Nintendo Wii) is coming to DS should have you reaching for your platform boots.

And for your special 3D glasses, too. Because the game will apparently come bundled with these for a full 3D experience.

That probably rules out playing it in a public place, then.

Boogie has you choosing from a range of characters and performing dance moves in an array of environments – from a petrol station to the roof of a building. There's a career mode to complete for each character, plus three single-player options comprised of Copycat, Freestyle and Choreography.

There's also ten DS-exclusive mini-games and multiplayer support for both multi-card and download play.

Tracklist-wise, it sounds like there's something for everyone – even our dads – with tunes from the likes of The Jackson 5, Kool & The Gang and Britney.

Or you can check out EA's suitably funky Brick House-backed gameplay video;

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Alternatively you'll find the official site and more info located here which should keep you going until the game's release on November 2nd.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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