Gameloft taking its mobile games to Wii

To the WiiWare downloadable service, to be precise

Gameloft taking its mobile games to Wii

We wouldn't normally report on things like this but it's encouraging to see mobile games making a transition to other gaming hardware. So we thought we'd tell you about Gameloft, who is currently on a mission to get its games onto as many platforms as possible, having already hit up DS, Xbox Live Arcade, and the PC casual market.

Now, the company is heading for Wii, with plans to initially launch four games through WiiWare, Nintendo's equivalent of Xbox Live.

They include three of Gameloft's mobile games: Block Breaker Deluxe, Midnight Pool, and Midnight Bowling. All have been revamped to support the Wiimote controller, with full motion-sensing features.

However, intriguingly the fourth title is completely new and exclusive (for now) to WiiWare. It's called TV Show King, and is a mock game show, testing players' general knowledge.

Block Breaker Deluxe will be released in April in Japan, making Gameloft the first non-Japanese publisher to release a game on WiiWare.

Presumably the other titles will follow soon after – they're all set to come out in Europe, the US and Japan. Hopefully we'll see more mobile publishers following suit. We'd love to see SolaRola ported to WiiWare for starters…