Block Breaker Deluxe smashes onto iPod

Gameloft brings mobile classic to Apple's musicboxes

Block Breaker Deluxe smashes onto iPod

Apple might not have announced official iPhone games at its Macworld Expo this week, but it has at least increased its iPod games catalogue by one, in the form of Block Breaker Deluxe.

It's a conversion of Gameloft's existing mobile game, which if you hadn't guessed from the title, is itself a reworking of the classic bricks'n'bat Breakout/Arkanoid formula. The mobile version has sold more than eight million downloads, apparently.

Gameloft has beefed up the graphics for iPod with new animations and level backgrounds. The game has 50 levels spread across five locations, with 11 brick types, 14 power-ups and five bosses to battle along the way.

Most exciting for iPod gamers is the exclusive level editor, allowing you to create your own levels, and share them with others via iTunes.

Rest assured, we're downloading the game RIGHT NOW to test this out, as well as seeing how the game itself plays.