WiiWare music game Bit.Trip Beat coming to iPhone and iPad

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WiiWare music game Bit.Trip Beat coming to iPhone and iPad
| Bit.Trip Beat

The psychedelic mix of chiptune music and old skool pixel art in the Bit.Trip series is one very good reason to check out the downloadable WiiWare games on your waggling Nintendo console.

From Beat to Core and from Void to Runner, they’re all deviously simple looking games, but they’ll all whoops your ass a few levels in, once the pace, beat, and tempo kick up a notch.

Now, Gaijin Games has announced a partnership with Namco Bandai to bring the developer’s first game, Bit.Trip Beat, to iPhone. A mix between Pong and Rez, you bounce back pixels with a motion controlled paddle, which creates a music track as you go.

It’ll support both touch and accelerometer controls, as well as four player multiplayer sessions (allowing you to play with both iPhone and iPad gamers at once), and maybe even downloadable add-on levels.

Bit.Trip Beat is heading to iPhone and iPad soon, and we can be certain that if the game is a success, Gaijin Games will surely chuck more of its releases onto Apple’s platforms.

You can catch a glimpse of the WiiWare edition, in the gallery above.

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