Bit.Trip Beat on sale for iPhone and iPad

Namco Networks offers introductory price for colourful arcade hit

Bit.Trip Beat on sale for iPhone and iPad
| Bit.Trip Beat

To celebrate the release of arcade game Bit.Trip Beat for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, publisher Namco Networks is offering a reduced introductory price.

You can pick up the iPhone and iPod touch version for £1.19/$1.99, whereas the high definition iPad version will cost you slightly more at £2.39/$3.99.

That's a significant drop from the full price, which will go into effect October 8. On that date, the iPhone version will be £2.99/$4.99 and the iPad edition £3.99/$6.99.

If you dig retro-style games, then you're sure to get into the Pong-inspired gameplay of Bit.Trip Beat as described fully in our review. Even if you've played the WiiWare original, three new levels designed specifically for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad offer a reason to revisit.

These levels do require additional in-app purchase, though. Thankfully the asking price is reasonable at £1.19/$1.99. That makes the iPhone version cheaper than the Wii original, even when including in-app purchase of the new levels.

Namco Networks has also put Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion and Pac-Man Championship Edition on sale until October 8.