December 11th iPad and iPhone review round-up: Baseball Riot, Imago, Dead Center, and more

Balls, middles, blinking, and stacks

December 11th iPad and iPhone review round-up: Baseball Riot, Imago, Dead Center, and more
| Baseball Riot

It's the end of the week, and that can only mean one thing. Let's all go to the pub! No, wait, it means two things.

First we'll do a round-up of some of the other games that came out this week, then we'll go to the pub. First round's on you.

Despite what some people thing, our powers here at Pocket Gamer's secret underground research base aren't unlimited, which means we can't cover everything that comes out on the App Store.

But, we can do our best. That's why we're giving you some quick-look reviews of five other games that landed on iPad and iPhone this week.

If there's other games you think deserve a splodge or two of attention, feel free to let us know in the comments.


An interesting blend of shapes, colours, and numbers, Imago plays a little like a mix of Threes!, a sliding block puzzler, and a stuff-matcher.

You score points by squishing together coloured blocks. The numbers on the blocks add up, and when you make a big enough block it'll split up into smaller blocks, each with the same number as the original behemoth.

It's fun, it's head-scratchingly hard, and it's surprisingly addictive. Some might find it gets a little too tough a little too quickly, but it's still worth a crack.


Dead Center

A quick-fire reaction game that, as you might expect from the name, is all about stopping a moving block in the middle of a cross.

It's pretty simple, and each level asks you to stop one more block to succeed. And that's about it. It's sharp, but not razor sharp, and it doesn't quite have enough to keep you enticed.

There are better twitchy games on the App Store, and even if you've played them all to death you probably won't get that much from this one.


Baseball Riot

A sort of sequel to Tennis in the Face, but with baseball instead of tennis. It's like Angry Birds, but with violence, humour, and not as many birds.

You ping baseballs around the levels, smashing in the faces of rival fans, and collecting stars as you do. It's pleasing fun, in a reasonably brainless sort of a way, and there's a lot to do.

You can grab the game for nothing as a free trial, and if you like what you see there's an IAP to unlock the rest. And you probably will like what you see, if you like seeing baseballs hitting people in the crotch.


Blink Rush

Another in a long line of one-touch high-score chasers. This one sees you pinging a black blob around a crumbling world. You need to stay on the disappearing blocks or it's game over.

You move by pushing on the screen when a spinning arrow is pointing in the direction you want to go. The longer you hold onto the screen, the farther you'll shoot off.

It's reasonably addictive, and the mechanics work really well. If you're looking for some one button fun this week then this is probably your best bet.


Stack and Ride

A colourful one-tap adventure that sees you controlling a wandering blue creature. He moves automatically, and tapping switches the direction he's heading.

You need to grab other little monsters and balance them on your head. Get past a dotted line with your pile and you'll score some points. There are gems to nab too.

It's pretty fun, and the wobbling physics are charmingly funny. There's asynchronous multiplayer as well. There's a cheery beat to everything that will probably see you spending longer here than you expected.


Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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