Enhanced Edition of RPG classic Baldur's Gate finally wanders onto iPad

Baldur's Wait is over

Enhanced Edition of RPG classic Baldur's Gate finally wanders onto iPad

After what seemed like forever, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has finally gathered approval from the App Store gatekeepers and ventured forth onto the iPad.

This highly revered RPG title missed its scheduled November release date on account of a crippling bug.

After a brief trip back into Overhaul Games's dungeon of development, though, the game has emerged into the sunlight of release.

This Enhanced Edition contains the full original adventure, plus all the extra content from the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack.

There are some brand-new features in this iPad version, too, mind, including a separate Arena mode (The Black Pits) and additional companion characters. Two of these new party members are available as in-app purchases, with another available from the off.

If you take up the quest on iPad, you'll have to deal with such arcane concepts as THAC0 and learn why mages need so much sleep. In return, though, you'll get to play a landmark game in the genre on the bus. That's a deal that Waukeen herself would be proud of.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is out now on the iPad, priced £6.99 / $9.99.
Jeremy Thackray
Jeremy Thackray
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