iPhone and iPad hit Backbreaker Football now free

At least until midnight Sept 6 PST

iPhone and iPad hit Backbreaker Football now free

In association with Free App A Day, American football sim Backbreaker Football from Natural Motion is free to download.

Available on both iPhone and iPad as a universal app, the game is all about bringing realistic, console-like animation and graphics to Apple devices, making footy tackles as bone-crushingly authentic as possible.

It scored an impressive Pocket Gamer Silver Award at review.

The game has you running through waves of nasty defenders, as you juke and spin past steroid abusing (allegedly) virtual players on the way to touchdown city: population - you. Mess up, and you’ll be playing Twister on the stadium grounds.

Backbreaker Football is perfect time wasting fodder for doctor visits and lengthy bus rides. And it's free, at least until midnight, September 6, PST when it reverts to 99c.