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Baby Monkey (riding backwards on a pig)

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Baby Monkey (riding backwards on a pig)

Just how many different types of timing games can the iPhone handle? Add Baby Monkey (riding backwards on a pig) to that list.

No joystick on Apple's mobile means that most arcade games have more to do with tapping than with moving.

Baby Monkey (riding backwards on a pig) will not only make you hungry for bacon (or monkeys), but also prove to you that the tap-your-way-to-the-next-level genre isn’t quite dead yet.

The odd couple

Based on the viral YouTube video, the infectious song looping in the background says it all: “Baby monkey… riding on a pig…don’t ask why…”

So, yeah, there’s a cute primate that hops on a swine – backwards. Your job is to keep both of them safe as they run along the countryside.

Imagine for a second Canabalt with more twists and less destruction. There you go.

You have two jump buttons at either thumb: one for monkey, one for Porky. Tap the Monkey button to avoid obstacles or grab the overhanging bananas along the way. Tap the Babe button to leap over dangerous pits. Timing both jumps can make the monkey go super high.

The obstacles range from the highly logical (barnyard gates) to the less fathomable (oversized gerbils, construction cones). Coupled with its fast pace, Kihon Games's endless jumping game will provoke at least one “Wait…what the heck did I just vault?” moment.

Needs some salt

From the hilarious, catchy theme song to the tight controls, Baby Monkey (riding backwards on a pig) does a lot of things right.

The only major problem is the repetitive nature of the game. The backgrounds never seem to change – in fact, the only way we knew that we cleared certain 'levels' was when we got the Game Center achievement. It sorely needs more obstacles and environments to add variety to the experience.

Otherwise, for its cheap price, Baby Monkey (riding backwards on a pig) is a wholly original, fun action game for all ages.

Baby Monkey (riding backwards on a pig)

Baby Monkey (riding backwards on a pig) is just as addictive as the YouTube video - but just as repetitious, too
Damon Brown
Damon Brown
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