iPhone Assassin’s Creed revealed

Altair leaps from the shadows and onto the iPhone

iPhone Assassin’s Creed revealed

It was pretty big news when we heard Assassin’s Creed is coming to the PSP, and the internet’s been abuzz with teaser trailers of the super-console sequel. Keeping the Creed tempo high, IGN has revealed the first screenshots.

It seems super assassin Altair’s iPhone debut will be based very much on the DS prequel, Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles, requiring you to take to the rooftops using his trademark parkour skills and steal a sacred chalice from the Knights Templar.

All the stealth kills, swordplay and careful creeping through the street-level crowds is included, as are the mini-games from the DS title (such as using pressure points to extract information from a captive).

It’s a fully 3D affair, too, and looks pretty splendid even with the large touchscreen controls (which we’ll probably be very glad of during play).

Assassin’s Creed is expected to appear on the App Store within the next couple of weeks, so get your knives sharpened in anticipation.