Still know the Konami Code by heart? Contra Returns is out today for iOS and Android devices across the globe. Konami’s popular action IP is still one of the most well-loved gaming classics to this day, and players can now revisit the world of Contra with TiMi Studio’s enhanced version of the OG title.

Contra Returns lets players immerse themselves in pure arcade nostalgia with a reimagined take on mobile, featuring tons of new content while retaining that same side-scrolling vibe longtime fans know and love. With more than 200 levels to beat plus additional HD upgrades optimized for mobile touchscreens, the new Contra experience brings back the alien war with a vengeance.

Players can use new weapons and legion systems to fight off the interstellar threat with the heroes of the Contra army. The platform shoot-‘em-up also features new game modes for both old and new fans to discover, such as the One-life Mode that lets experienced players challenge their skills in the classic Contra gameplay. On the other hand, the Underwater 8 is an eight-level co-op gauntlet where players can take on different levels with varying difficulty.

Meanwhile, the Classic Team mode lets players team up and work together to clear stages and earn awesome rewards. The Ultimate Tournament is an online system where players can battle each other, while the PVP Modes include a Ranked Match, 1v1 Warm-up, 1v1 Hero Battlefield, 3v3 Fort Battle, and 2v2 Ultra Rapid Fire for more player vs. player goodness.

There’s more to discover about Contra’s comeback, so if you fancy giving it a go, you can download Contra Returns on the App Store and on Google Play as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can also visit the official website to know more about the game.

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