The highly anticipated XCOM 2 Collection is finally out on Google Play, so players can experience the full franchise on their Android devices. Join the fight against the alien menace as Feral Interactive brings you the acclaimed War of the Chosen expansion along with four DLC packs, and bundles it nicely into a single Android experience.

The explosive XCOM 2 Collection for Android features intuitive interfaces plus redesigned controls, all of which allow a seamless, more immersive, and action-packed playthrough that’s perfect for touchscreens. The game stops at nothing to provide the most engaging optimization upgrades to make sure that every mission is as smooth as it is adrenaline-pumping. There are no intrusive ads or pesky in-app purchases as well, so you can concentrate on the task at hand with all of the fan-faves from the desktop classic ported into mobile.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the franchise, XCOM 2 thrusts you into a world where aliens rule the Earth. Conform and you’ll be promised a brilliant future; resist and you’ll be silenced. You’ll have to ignite the fires of war as the global resistance brings down the oppressive regime and reclaims the planet for humanity.

XCOM 2 Collection is now available to download on the Google Play Store for a premium price tag of $24.99. Since the title is a comprehensive package, you need to make sure that your device can handle its specs. Requirements include Android 9 or later, plus 8.5GB of free space in order to install the game properly. It’s also recommended to free up at least 17GB of space to make sure you don’t encounter any installation issues.

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