Updated March 2, 2020: New entries added

We all know about sci-fi movies, novels, TV series and comic books. But we don't always think about sci-fi games.

That's probably because we define games more by the way they play then their settings and storylines. But there are heaps of sci-fi games out there.

The future has been rich pickings for game developers from the beginning. Space Invaders and Galaxian took us on a journey to the stars in the '70s - admittedly to blast aliens to smithereens, but it was a start.

1984's Elite took a more sophisticated approach by giving us the option to trade with said aliens rather than ping laser fire at them. More importantly, it created a rich science fiction world to explore and thrive in.

Sci-fi games have only gotten richer and more nuanced in the years since. And that now includes mobile, where there are countless shooters, RPGs, and strategy games that fall under the sci-fi game banner.

The following Android selections don't merely contain a futuristic setting. Each game pulls you into a fully realised sci-fi world.