The feedback from the closed beta for Final Fantasy VII’s new battle royale “The First Soldier” are officially here. The beta was available from June 1st to June 7th, during which time people who registered were allowed to test the game out and asked to answer survey questions about their gameplay experience.

The report states that out of all the people who tried out the game, over 90% of them were satisfied with it whilst 61% were very satisfied. Over half the testers said that the game surpassed their expectations and were looking forward to the official release. Other comments spoke about the settings and graphics being appealing and the game as a whole being a slightly different take on the regular battle royal formula.

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Players took some time getting used to the various styles and controlling their characters but believed that the attacks and different styles are all viable and fun to play around with. The developers responded to this by saying that they would refine the controls and make the game more intuitive.

People enjoyed the themed skins and liked scavenging around and fighting monsters when they couldn’t beat other players.

finaly fantasy vii the first solder gameplay

On improvements, most people felt that the character movement and control can be improved, weapon handling and control came in second and the volume of available content was third. The developers have replied saying they’d definitely improve controls, introduce a training mode and also add controller support, eventually. They will be working on balancing the game and improving melee combat as well.

Overall, FFVII: The First Soldier looks like it's going to be a fun new addition to the battle royale lineup. It is set in Midgar 30 years prior to the events of FFVII. Join as a Shinra soldier and use weapons and magic to be the final soldier alive.

FFVII: The First Soldier is produced by Square Enix and Ateam Inc. and will launch on the App Store and Google Player later this year.

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